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Tire Repurposing Ideas

These are a few photos I selected from Google images.

sierra tire shop & Auto repair

tires I painted...

I used Krylon and Rustolium brand spray paint and some stencils. It was loads of fun!

If you are interested in our soon to be recycled tires, feel free to stop by either of our locations.

Or personally give me, Zofia, a call. I am located at the California Ave Shop

Take these tires off our hands, we have to pay for them anyhow!

Click here to contact us!

Free Tires!

seriously, free!

But you can't actually put them on your car...

We have tons of tires that that no longer serve their given purpose. They are victims of  irreparable punctures, blowouts, and unfortunately... slashing. Guess who is responsible for their funeral costs. We have to pay to dispose of our bad tires! 

Give these tires a chance! Give them a purpose again! They deserve it, they've done nothing but take you places you needed to go. If you ignore all the times they have inconvenienced you, you'll realize that they were pretty good to you in the long run. Not to mention, no matter what condition they are in, they are basically immortal. Tires don't decompose too well.  (The internet told me 80-2,000 years depending on the environment) All in all, tires will likely outlive you.

I'd just like to show you what you can do with these poor unfortunate tires.


Check out this simple website or the slide show below. 

Zofia Sierra, Manager